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Neighborhood Mexican cooking in Hell's Kitchen


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Top Reviewer
These are hands down, by far, the best burrito's I have ever eaten. And that includes several in Mexico.
A friend and I ordered online and the food came in very warm and even earlier than the estimated delivery time.
$10 for a burrito is certainly a fair price, especially given the quality and quantity this place offers.

We decided to order 1 burrito each and then just share them to enjoy best of both worlds.
My friend had the Alambre Burrito and I went for the Al Pastor.
The first bite we took, we looked at each other and sat in absolute silence.
I could not believe Midtown has such a superb burrito place.

Both of the burrito's were very well stuffed. They were tasty and juicy, although the burrito wasn't soaked in liquid upon arrival as it has happened many times at other burrito places.
To top of the meal, we each had a Flan Casero. I had no idea what it was and it looked a bit messy at first sight, but the taste made up for that.

I will definitely order again from this place


1 review
Omg the food was amazing! They came before time said.. that super spicy hot sauce they have.. soooo good but sooo hot!!! And a bonus the delivery came to the door without us even saying anything!
My go to Mexican food for now on!


Top Reviewer
Excellent food. The sides that were suppose to be included with my dinner combo did not get delivered. Contacted the restaurant and was told they would credit off the cost.


3 reviews
As usual my food was amazing! I love all of the food that I have had thus far. Some of the best tacos in this area!


1 review
Consistently good Mexican food. Tacos, guac, rice, beans, fried plantains, chicken quesadilla are all really great

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4 reviews
I was worried about delivery time due to other reviews... today, my first time, the food arrived 5 min before the low end of the estimate. Tacos were amazing. 1 veg, 1 shrimp, 1 steak, 1 pork, 1 mahi. All delicious. They threw in an extra Mahi taco too... This will be my new Mexican lunch delivery in midtown. Awesome. Salsa could be hotter, but was still good. --------------update---------------- still awesome, delivery not slow - even at 12:30pm in midtown. easy #1 on my list taco for tacos.


Top Reviewer
Best Mexican food in the Hell's Kitchen area, and its not even close. Prices very reasonable, consistently very good, food is fairly authentic (and glad its not too authentic, I'm not a huge fan of corn tortillas). I've almost always stuck with the tacos, but the guacamole is amazing and the burritos are good as well. I've ordered countless times and gone in person and finally left a review because I need to make sure this restaurant is properly rated and have just never been disappointed here.


Top Reviewer
I've been ordering from here for over 3 years now and it's by far my favorite taco place in this area hands down!! The delivery is fast and my orders always come correct. The people over the phone are always friendly and the sodas are always ice cold! The tacos aren't the only thing that's delicious but the corn on the cob is a perfect amount everything! I always order the chips and salsa. The chips are seasoned and come warm. Keep up the great work guys!


Top Reviewer
Okay, so if your from the west coast or from any of the states that border Mexico, you know its really hard to find GOOD MEXICAN FOOD. Behold, we may have a winner. The burritos and tacos at Ponche Taqueria & Cantina, I dare say are on par with the tacos and burritos of the west coast. The price reflects NYC living, but your belly will tell you that its worth it. And doesnt your belly deserve something good?


Top Reviewer
I love this place. Their prices are great and the food is always fresh and delicious. You get solid appetizers and awesome tacos, except the fish one, which is probably better enjoyed on the premises as opposed to delivered. My only beef is with their tortas, which are impossible to eat because of the way they're assembled. Stuff always falls out of the bottom and they're messy to eat. They taste really good though.

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Ponche Taqueria & Cantina is a contemporary Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. Serving up a variety of Mexican cuisine, you will be sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds. Order with us now for our memorable dining experience!